For an uplifting of the spirit, and a better day. GOD'S WORD EVERY DAY! Dial 920-452-PRAY (920-452-7729)

Vol. 1 No. 2, Spring 2006

Go Tell It In Sheboygan

News and Notes from Dial 452-PRAY

Meet the Executive Board

Have you ever wondered about the people you see occupying positions of responsibility in the Dial 452-PRAY organization? Here is a list of who we are:

President: Doris Koepke
Vice-President: Patricia Reitz
Secretary: Kathleen Launer
Treasurer: Judie Schuette
Pastoral Advisor: Rev. Bryan Osladil, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

Advertising: Beatrice Buss and Violet Lohr
Correspondence: Doris Voight
Public Relations: Audrey Braatz
Prayer: Deloris Thiele
Recording: Deb Kelm
Members-At-Large: Sue Kracht
Helen Miesner

How About Becoming Active In DIAL 452-PRAY?

Have you called 452-PRAY (452-7729) and received the comfort of God’s word? Do you feel that this ministry is important? Has God touched your heart, nudging you to do more than you have before? Why not call Audrey Braatz, Chairperson of Public Relations to discuss how you might use your talents in helping provide a Christ-centered telephone message to the Sheboygan area.

We Will Pray For You

The Prayer Committee, one of the five committees which comprise the Dial 452-PRAY ministry, receives requests to pray for specific needs of persons ranging in age from infants to the 90s. Prayer requests are made by telephone, by e-mail, or regular mail. Eleven members, who are the dedicated prayer partners of this prayer chain, are currently praying for 29 persons – three children and 26 adults. We realize the power of earnest prayers when we are told of the recovery of persons or that they have attained their final victory and are with their Lord in heaven. If you would like to be a part of the prayer chain, or if you would like to request prayer, submit the contact form and please note attention to Deloris Thiele, Chairperson.

Web Site – A Work In Progress

In 2003, Dial 452-PRAY took a bold step and moved from proclaiming the Gospel to our "Jerusalem" (Sheboygan) and began witnessing "to the ends of the earth" (the World Wide Web). We have a beautiful Web site,, set up and managed by Jeni Reisinger. The good news is shared clearly and succinctly on the Web site through a link to the daily devotions of both the Lutheran Hour ministry and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. An article describing what Lutheran’s believe (copyrighted by the International Lutheran Laymen’s League and used with permission) is also posted.

Area LCMS churches and their worship times are listed. Our officers and facts about the organization can be found together with a schedule of the churches that currently have recorded the telephone messages. Check often to see what is new!

Write to Us!

The chairperson of correspondence writes all thank-you notes to donors. We appreciate your prayerful and financial support of our telephone ministry. If you care to write to us about anything (prayer concerns, comments, suggestions) the address is:

Dial 452-PRAY
1121 Georgia Avenue
Sheboygan, WI 53081

Your letter will go to our Executive Board, Prayer Committee, or our Pastoral Advisor who is Rev. Bryan Osladil.

Remember, if you write to us, we will answer you; and above all, do not forget to dial 452-PRAY (452-7729).

Invite Us To Speak To Your Group

Do you need a program or special feature for one of your meetings? Audrey Braatz, of the Public Relations Committee will be glad to share the story of Dial 452-PRAY. The presentation can be any length you desire and can include a six-minute video.

Come To The Annual Meeting

Dial 452-PRAY holds only one general meeting each year. The date is always the second Monday in November. In 2006, that date is November 13. The meeting is short, (6:30 to about 8:00 PM) and sweet (beginning with the serving of an array of delicious tortes). Watch for information this coming fall. Get a group together and plan to attend.

Phone Calls to 452-PRAY

  2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
January 501 484 444 537 498 456
February 440 448 486 538 428  
March 471 582 402 604 511  
April 517 491 444 521 422  
May 405 541 475 502 478  
June 505 624 431 451 474  
July 512 518 494 449 511  
August 399 574 439 502 580  
September 540 415 406 537 407  
October 568 455 540 444 459  
November 541 441 456 556 443  
December 490 503 413 457 430  
TOTAL 5889 6076 5430 6098 5641 456

Praying Hands