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Vol. 1 No. 6, Summer 2008

Go Tell It In Sheboygan

News and Notes from Dial 452-PRAY

Dial 452-PRAY Needs Original Devotions

Due to the contraints of copyright laws, Dial-452-PRAY is looking for persons who could write short devotions and prayers to be used on the telephone messages. Are you one of those people, or do you know a lay-person or pastor who has that gift? "Portals of Prayer" devotions can provide a model for composing such devotions. Each message should be about two minutes long. For more information, please call the Chairman of Message-Recording, Debra Kelm at 803-0704. She can provide more detailed guilelines.

Telephone Remains an Important Evangelism Tool

Modern technology has not made the telephone obsolete as a means of Chrisitan outreach. Calls to Dial 452-PRAY remain steady at 20-plus calls per day. The need to hear the comfort of God's word remains constant. Call often, and ivite others to call. The number is 452-PRAY (452-7729).

It's coming in Fall...

Plan to join us on Monday, November 10 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church (1121 Georgia Avenue, Sheboygan). It's the Dial-452-PRAY annual meeting and "how are we doing?" report. Tortes are served at 6:30 p.m. What's not to love?

Meet Our New President

Helen Meisner of Immanuel Lutheran Church is the new president of Dial 452-PRAY. In her own words, she is a "daugther, sister, Mom, widow, grandmother, and great-grandmother." Helen enjoys working with each door God opens for her. She has served as a Lutheran school teacher, VBS leader, Sunday School teacher, adult Bible-study leader, and has been an officer in various church organizations. She has also held the positions of organist and choir director. Helen states that "working for the Lord has no limits when we understand how blessed we really are". Dial 452-PRAY is also blessed to have Helen as President.

Introducing Our New Secretary

Dial 452-PRAY is happy to welcome Joy Jacque of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church as Secretary of the organization. She is a wife, Mom and grandmother of eight. She has served the Lord for many years as a Sunday School and VBS teacher. Joy has been a long-time supporter of Dial 452-PRAY, and we are grateful that she has joined the Executive Board.

Write to Us!

If you care to write to us about anything (prayer concerns, comments, suggestions) the address is:

Dial 452-PRAY
1121 Georgia Avenue
Sheboygan, WI 53081

We will answer you.

Praying Hands