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Vol. 1 No. 7, Fall 2008

Go Tell It In Sheboygan

News and Notes from Dial 452-PRAY

Learn More About Dial 452-PRAY

Who wouldn't want to support a hometown mission? Just come to the annual meeting of Dial 452-PRAY at Bethlehem Lutheran Church (1211 Georgia Avenue) on Monday, November 10 at 6:30 p.m. Find out how many calls we receive and how our finances are doing. Hear about the work of various committees and also some heart-warming stories of how our ministry helps people. The meeting is never long, and we "lead off" with tortes and coffee. Use the south parking lot entrance at Bethlehem and step into a gathering of mission-minded men and women.

Let's Air Some Original Devotions!

Could you write a few short devotions and prayers to be used on the telephone messages of Dial 452-PRAY? Do you know someone, pastor or lay person, who has that gift? Each message only needs to be about two minutes long. For more detail, please call the Chairman of Message Recording, Debra Kelm. She'll be glad to hear from you.

Invite Us To Speak To Your Group

Do you need a program or special feature for one of your meetings? Audrey Braatz, of the Public Relations Committee, will be glad to share the inspirational story of how God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things through the Dial 452-PRAY telephone ministry. The presentation can be any length you desire. Call Audrey for more information.

In Remembrance

Dial 452-PRAY is deeply saddened by the loss of Violet Lohr who faithfully served her Lord as co-chair of the Advertising Committee for many years. Even through her illness and treatment she worked tirelessly to help make persons in the Sheboygan area aware of the opportunity to hear God's Word on the telephone. She will be very much missed by her friends at Dial 452-PRAY.

Dial 452-PRAY Will Pray For You

Did you know that Dial 452-PRAY has a standing Prayer Committee? This group of dedicated Christians will pray regularly for you and/or your loved ones. To request prayer, call Deloris Theile, the Chairman of the Prayer Committee.

How About Becoming Active In Dial 452-PRAY?

Have you called Dial 452-PRAY (452-7729) and received the comfort of God's Word? Do you feel that this ministry is important? Has God touched your heart, nudging you to do more than you have before? Why not call Audrey Braatz of the Public Relations Committee to discuss how you might use your talents in helping provide a Christ-centered telephone message to the Sheboygan area.

Write to Us!

Personal telephone numbers are not listed in this online version for privacy reasons. If you care to write to us about anything (prayer concerns, comments, suggestions) the address is:

Dial 452-PRAY
1121 Georgia Avenue
Sheboygan, WI 53081

We will answer you.

Praying Hands