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Vol. 1 No. 8, Summer 2009

Go Tell It In Sheboygan

News and Notes from Dial 452-PRAY

Introducing Two New Executive Board Members

Dial 452-PRAY is happy to welcome two new members-at-large to the Executive Board. Meet Allan Brusse and Mark Stolzenburg - both of St. Mark church. These two men are active church workers, and both record messages for Dial 452-PRAY. Allan is a deacon, a member of the pastoral care committee, and is director of both the St. Mark choir and the bell choir. Mark is on the outreach committee and is a member of the church choir and the bell choir. Dial 452-PRAY is blessed to have them join our Executive Board.

Keep Those Prayers Coming!

In the recent past, Dial 452-PRAY was plagued with sound-quality problems. Many individuals and groups brought this concern to the Lord in prayer. We are happy to report that currently the technical side of our ministry is running smoothly. Many dedicated volunteers worked hard to solve the problem. We thank God for this. Please continue to remember Dial 452-PRAY in your prayers.

It's Coming in Fall

Plan to join us on Monday, November 10 at Immanuel Lutheran Church (1634 Illinois Avenue, Sheboygan). It's the Dial 452-PRAY annual meeting and "how are we doing?" report. Tortes are served at 6:30 p.m. What's not to love?

In Remembrance

Dial 452-PRAY is deeply saddened by the loss of Susan Feld who faithfully served as Chairman of Message-Recording for a number of years. During this time, she worked tirelessly to enable persons in the Sheboygan area to hear God's word on the telephone. Susan is very much missed by her friends at Dial 452-PRAY.

Write to Us!

The chairperson of correspondence writes all thank-you notes to donors. We appreciate your prayerful and financial support of our telephone ministry. If you care to write to us about anything (prayer concerns, comments, suggestions), the address is:

Dial 452-PRAY
1121 Georgia Avenue
Sheboygan, WI 53081

Your letter will go to our Executive Board, Prayer Committee, or Pastoral Advisor who is Rev. Bryan Osladil.

Remember, if you write to us, we will answer you; and above all, don't forget to Dial 452-PRAY (452-7729).

Need Materials?

Does your church need more memorial cards or flyers in your display rack? For refills, call Audrey Braatz at 452-7706.

Praying Hands