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Vol. 1 No. 9, Fall 2009

Go Tell It In Sheboygan

News and Notes from Dial 452-PRAY

How Are We Doing Overall?

To find out how things are going with the Dial 452-PRAY telephone ministry, plan to attend the next annual meeting on Monday, November 9, 6:30 PM at Immanual Lutheran Church (1634 Illinois Avenue, Sheboygan). Tortes will be served, committees will report, and finances will be explained. Learn how this ministry functions. A warm welcome awaits you.

Dial 452-PRAY Looks To Purchasing New Equipment

The current answering machine is old, so the Executive Board has authorized the forming of a research committee to investigate our options for replacement. Finding an answering system, which will be compatible with our practice of having many different speakers record messages at home, might prove to be a challenge. If you, or someone you know, would be willing to serve on this committee, call Audrey Braatz.

Write To Us

If you care to write to us about anything (prayer concerns, comments, suggestions), the address is:

Dial 452-PRAY
1121 Georgia Avenue
Sheboygan, WI 53081
We will answer you.

Need Material?

Does your church need more memorial cards or flyers in your display rack? For refills, call Audrey Braatz.

Try Calling Us Again

When you have called 452-PRAY (452-7729) recently, have you had difficulty hearing the speaker? Have you experienced "crackling" on the line? As a result you might have begun calling less often, or have stopped calling all together. Please give us another try. Cords have been repaired and/or replaced and sound-quality has been restored. Remember, the comfort of God's word is just a phone call away.

We Will Pray For You

Once or twice a week, when you call Dial 452-PRAY, you will hear the announcement, "If you desire prayer, we will pray for you". Did you ever think of requesting a prayer? All you have to do is call our Prayer Committee Chairperson, Deloris Thiele, to make your request. A 10-person prayer committee prays regularly for our telephone ministry and will also pray for your concerns. Dial 452-PRAY is more than a recorded message on the telephone. Behind that message are loving, caring Christians.

How About Becoming Active In Dial 452-PRAY?

Do you feel that the telephone ministry of Dial 452-PRAY is important? Has God touched your heart, nudging you to do more than you have before? Why not call Audrey Braatz, Chairperson of Public Relations, to discuss how you might use your talents in helping provide a Christ-centered telephone message to the Sheboygan area.

Praying Hands